How To Go From Can’t To Can

  How to Go From Can’t to Can Increasing Your Confidence Have you ever wanted to do something but felt like you wouldn’t excel at it? Have you ever started something and never finished it because it got too tough? We all start out with beliefs about ourselves and others. And sometimes these beliefs cause… Read more »

How to Spot a Winner Early On

Good employees are easy to spot if you know what to look for.

If you have a business to run, you need to find good employees who can make a contribution right away. Of course they’ll need training before they reach maximum effectiveness, but they need to be able to add some kind of productive value to the team right from the start. Winners may start off barely… Read more »

Charles Barkley Understands One Thing

You can't please everybody, so you might as well be yourself.

It explains why he has no trouble speaking his mind.  Even on TV, in the social media age, he has remained his highly opinionated, vocal self. He has a dogmatic and often humorous take on everything. Never mind that he’s often wrong. He spouts off on so many subjects. Like a broken clock, he’s bound to… Read more »

Becoming A Top Leader – Part 4

Attitude and momentum are two things everyone has heard about, but only the best leaders know how to create and maintain these two powerful forces for growth. They are like the ocean tides. If you harness them, they can quickly take you places you could never go on your own. Learn how to use these… Read more »

Success – A Learned Skill

Doing things you don't love to do is part of the process of winning.

Even if you love your business, sport or organization, there are always going to be things that have to be done to win. And those are exactly the kinds of things that the average and mediocre can’t get themselves to do. That’s why they’ll never be you. Success is something you earn by effort. You… Read more »

Thanksgiving: A Holiday for Winners

The most successful people feel gratitude for their many blessings.

  Winners are focused on the long term, doing the right thing, building something for the future, giving back, and winners are appreciative. They appreciate good health, family, friends, the opportunity to be free and the opportunities that freedom provides. They are grateful for those who went before them and created their opportunities. “I’m grateful… Read more »

Stop Being A Victim In Your Personal Life

Stop Being a Victim in Your Own Life How to Handle the Responsibility Pressure! Responsibility! Problem people! Life is full of demands and challenges. When are you going to get any relief? How can you get off the treadmill of trying to keep peace in your life? How can you stop being run ragged trying to… Read more »

Do You Know The 4 A’s Of Success?

Do You Know the 4 A’s of Success? Top business leader Sam Shepard shares how mastering these 4 A’s: attitude, attendance, accountability and activity lay the groundwork for being a success in business. Learn how you can apply these to your own life as well! Other Success Posts: How to Improve for Long-Term Success 3… Read more »