Even Hollywood Makes Excuses

But living in denial only makes things worse.

With some recent expensive blockbusters like Will Smith’s After Earth, Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger, Jeff Bridges in R.I.P.D. and Jamie Foxx’s White House Down bombing horribly on their opening weekends, the movie industry was reeling from the sudden, shocking news. It meant the studios and investors could lose over a hundred million dollars on each… Read more »

Can You Find Another Gear?

Moving up means stretching your limits.

The extra gear is there. Find it and use it. To make more money you’ve got to get more done. High achievers have telltale signs about them that set them apart. One of them is how hard and how fast they work. Because they’re hard focused on their target, they naturally drive themselves to move… Read more »

Tiger Won’t Win Until He Learns to Master Grief

Emotions are inevitable, but winners don't get overwhelmed.

The road to the top is always bumpy. There will be many failures and disappointments along the way and sometimes it seems like there are millions of them. Failure doesn’t bother the half-hearted much because they don’t invest much effort. They aren’t that serious, and aren’t surprised when they come up short. But when you really… Read more »

Even $100 Million Mistakes Can Turn Out Well

Your worst critics can become your best resource.

That’s what the people behind the recent colossal flop The Lone Ranger found out. Of course, this wasn’t news to them because they’re all big industry veterans, and have been through the process before. If you’re going to take risk, you’re going to have plenty of failures along the way – and you better learn how to deal with them.

Dwayne Wade on Winning Belief

You need to build enough faith to drown out the critics.

No one gets criticized more than superstars. With 3 Championships and an All Star career that is certain to send him to the Hall of Fame, Dwayne Wade is a superstar for sure. But this year, he and his team have faced the most intense scrutiny ever. Dwayne has been held back by a balky… Read more »

In Times of Crisis, Remember This

Stand tall and channel your inner superhero.

Don’t think you won’t face crises. They’ll come. As long as you’re living, any day is capable of bringing one of these to your doorstep. No one is exempt. They are part of life: an unwanted part, but a part, nonetheless. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s someone else’s, sometimes it just happens. It might not directly affect you, or… Read more »

No Talking, No Learning

If you aren't participating, you aren't learning.

Learning is a 2-way street. Most people don’t realize there’s more to learning than sitting and listening to someone else yack endlessly about a subject. They don’t think about the fact that unless they are discussing the information themselves, asking questions and even passing on the information to someone else, they’re not learning. They’re just… Read more »

The No. 1 Thing No Leader Should Ever Do

People can forgive a lot, but this will kill your potential as a leader.

No one asks leaders to be perfect. Which is good, because none of them are. Leaders are the primary big decision-makers for companies, and there’s no way they can be right all of the time. Leaders face a lot of pressure. They’ve got to keep the team focused. They’ve got to keep everyone moving forward, regularly hitting the company goals…. Read more »

The #1 Reason to Forgive

Because nobody is perfect.

You’re not perfect and you need forgiveness too. You’ll be making mistakes too. You haven’t been accused of living the perfect life have you? Then, you’re also going to need those around you to cut you some slack. That’s more likely to happen if you are forgiving of them. We hear a lot about being a… Read more »

Is Attitude Always Everything?

It takes more than a good attitude to make things happen.

And the chorus sings, “Attitude is everything!” It is said so often that it has become a cliché. But is it really? Yes and no. It’s not everything if you aren’t working. Don’t kid yourself about your attitude. Just being a happy, positive, energetic person isn’t enough. Anyone can be pleasant when they don’t have anything to do or… Read more »

How to Handle Problems Like a Pro

Use the 90/10 Rule to manage stress and keep moving.

Since nothing is perfect in life, it helps to have a philosophy about how to look at problems. You aren’t going to be able to get away from them, so why not adopt a philosophy that allows you to keep moving and stay in a happy, balanced and positive frame of mind. Let’s analyze the issue. Perspective:… Read more »