What Lesson Did Jeremy Lin Learn?

When you get your chance to shine, don't hold back.

Last year Jeremy Lin bounced around the league, getting cut twice and playing in the Development League. In December he got picked up by the Knicks who also rarely played him and twice came close to cutting him themselves. Eight games ago they were forced to start him because they had run out of players. The rest is… Read more »

Why You Should Love Tests

The challenges of life make us stronger.

No one likes a test. For most of us, they were the worst thing about school. You got nervous thinking about it. The kids who weren’t that smart worried. The kids who didn’t study worried. The smart kids, those who should have had nothing to worry about, often worried the most, scared that they wouldn’t score 100…. Read more »

No One Thinks They’re Soft, Until They Lose

Do you have the will to win, in spite of anything that might come your way?

No person and no team thinks they’re soft. They think they’re tough. They think they are solid, committed and paying a bigger price than everyone else. They think they are obsessed, out-working everyone and destined for greatness. But most are living in denial. Most are soft. What’s softness? What’s toughness? Softness is that basic default tendency to… Read more »

No Motivation, No Goals, No Dreams, Nothing

Fix this problem fast or risk wasting days, weeks, even years of your life.

  A lack of motivation can feel debilitating. Day in and day out you do the same things over and again, and your routine becomes mundane. After a while you realize you aren’t making any real progress. You feel stuck. You feel bored. You feel guilty. Something is definitely off. It’s a stage we all go… Read more »

Why People Skills Beat Technical Skills

Usually, doing big things requires you to work well with others.

Why is it the C students in college are often so successful? Go check with your university and you’ll find the biggest alumni donors aren’t necessarily those who were A students. The biggest donors are often C students. The reason is they’ve had more success after getting their degree. In the interest of full disclosure let… Read more »

Pros Keep Things Exciting

Leaders use excitement to drive action and results.

Great leaders don’t hope for excitement, they create it! The first time is always exciting and fun. It’s natural to be fired up over fun new things. But the second and third time the sizzle isn’t the same. If you want the same excitement as in the beginning, you have to make it happen. Great News! It’s March… Read more »

Make Friends, Not Enemies

Don't burn bridges you might need at some point on your path.

Life is a whirlwind of interaction with people. Not all of these go well. You’re going to have people lie to you, disappoint you, and do all manner of other things that infuriate you. It burns when it happens.  It catches you by surprise. You want to strike back. You want to lash out, give… Read more »

The Hardest Person To Sell

The Hardest Person to Sell What May Be Your Biggest Tool The hardest person to sell to is the one you have the most influence with. Once you’ve got this person on board, it makes it so much easier for others to join in. However, until this person gets behind you with a 100% commitment,… Read more »

Making Yourself Good Enough

This is the introduction to the videos on Self Management and Self Improvement. This covers why and how you can get yourself mentally organized to attack and achieve the dreams that you have for yourself. There are solid reasons you can expect to win if you take the right approach. This video is the lead-in… Read more »

The Magic Ingredient To Success

The Magic Ingredient to Success Change Your Life for the Better There are mysterious and invisible hidden ingredients to success. Why just copying other’s game plans, techniques, checklists, and recipes is not going to be good enough to get you where you want to go. Also, how to solve the 3 biggest dangers that destroy… Read more »

4 Steps to a New Winning Game Plan

If the same old approach isn't getting results, it's time for a new plan of attack.

If you’re stuck or not getting the results you need, it’s time to get things moving in the right direction. Here are 4 steps to help. 1. Evaluate the competition. Learn from them. Assume they know something you don’t know. They have an angle. Assume they seesomething you don’t see. Their focus is different. Use their ideas to beat them. Take… Read more »