Put Your Strengths to Work

Nobody has time to fix all their weaknesses. Focus on your strengths!

Demands never end. There is never going to be an end to the demands in our time. Getting one thing done usually is followed behind by a dozen more jumping in line. Every now and then we catch up and have a chance to breathe—until we realize there are more things we would like to do. The… Read more »

Why Did John Fox Get Fired?

Once you see and understand the gap between good and great, you find it impossible to settle for second best. It took John Elway 16 years as a professional to find out the difference between Super Bowl winning teams and Super Bowl losing teams. Now, as the General Manager of the Denver Broncos, he finds… Read more »

How To Go From Mediocre To Great

In a world filled with mediocrity, greatness really stands out. Here’s how those who do great things separate themselves from the masses. Once you see what it takes, you might be surprised at how close you actually are.

The Mystery of Greatness Revealed

What science says links those who achieve greatness.

Recently, I heard an interview on what science has to say about achieving greatness with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Talent Is Overrated author, Geoff Colvin. In it, they revealed insights into a question you may be asking yourself, “How do I become great?” The Truth About Success Secrets  Before we answer the question “How do I become great?”,… Read more »

How To Go From Can’t To Can

  How to Go From Can’t to Can Increasing Your Confidence Have you ever wanted to do something but felt like you wouldn’t excel at it? Have you ever started something and never finished it because it got too tough? We all start out with beliefs about ourselves and others. And sometimes these beliefs cause… Read more »

Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret

Set a daily goal and create a simple process for tracking your progress.

  A young comic asked Jerry Seinfeld for some tips. What he got turned out to be advice that he has used all of his life. The young comic was Brad Isaac and he wrote about this exchange in an article for lifehacker.com. This is advice that can work for anyone. See if it’s something… Read more »

5 Things to Know About Secrets

The most important secret is your own, the one that works for you.

1. There are a lot of Secrets. Depending on where you are and what your next goal is, there will be insights and ideas that exactly fit your needs. It’s like driving somewhere new. Until you learn the way, it’s nice to get some directions from someone who has been there before. 2. What’s a Secret for… Read more »

Transforming Yourself Into The Elite

Transforming Yourself into the Elite What’s stopping you? The video above gives insight into how geniuses become geniuses. What are they doing differently? Why can’t you also do those things? You can. All it takes is the belief and motivation, and you too can become one of the elite. Related Articles: How to Improve for… Read more »

Take a Tip from the Two-Time World Champion Miami Heat

The best ideas for winning come from the people on top.

When you win championships you win respect. Especially when you win back-to-back championships. That’s what the Miami Heat has done. Everyone has ideas, but when you pick up ideas from champions, you have to pay a little more attention. This year the Miami Heat know they have a problem. They can’t do the same things… Read more »