Becoming Great Is a Process

Step by step, little by little — that's how you learn and grow.

  There is only one way to greatness and it’s a process. It’s the real track to the top and it takes time. You go from ignorance to baby steps, through confusion and around frustration to mastery. It’s not a trick. It’s way beyond the “one secret.” Here’s the good news: it’s definitely possible if you… Read more »

How Do You Become “The Guy”?

It's great to be the MVP, the problem-solver, the fixer.

On every team there’s one person who everyone looks to save the day when the chips are down. At least, on every good team there’s one. You don’t get there by vote. You get there by performance, and everyone knows who you are, and how important you are to the team’s success. There are a… Read more »

100 Percent Guaranteed Growth Plan

Do you want a guaranteed growth game plan you can use in any area of your life? This game plan is foolproof! Use it with your business. Use it with your kids. Use it in learning a new skill, getting in shape, learning how to play a new instrument and even learning a foreign language!

No Talking, No Learning

If you aren't participating, you aren't learning.

Learning is a 2-way street. Most people don’t realize there’s more to learning than sitting and listening to someone else yack endlessly about a subject. They don’t think about the fact that unless they are discussing the information themselves, asking questions and even passing on the information to someone else, they’re not learning. They’re just… Read more »

The Winner’s Trap: How Winners Lose Their Edge

Winning can change things—sometimes not for the better.

To get to the top they were working day and night chasing a dream. They didn’t just do what they needed to do, they over-did. They were relentless, they paid any price. Why? Because they knew they had to. There was no assurance they were good enough to actually break through to the top. They believed they could…. Read more »

7 Keys to Avoiding the Winner’s Trap

Keep doing what got you here or lose what you worked for.

It’s not unusual for winners to get distracted just enough, just slightly, from doing the things that got them to the top. Mediocrity sneaks up on the unsuspecting winner by flooding them with new opportunities. They lose what would seem to others an imperceptible amount of their intensity and focus. Unfortunately, the line between winning and losing is very fine. Before they realize… Read more »

How To Make Good Decisions – Part 2

Here’s how to fine-tune your decision making skills. Learn why having philosophies and guidelines give you much more productivity, flexibility, and increases your odds of success in training and running your team. The easiest thing in the world is for the person in charge to start making a bunch of rules. But before long you… Read more »

Yes You Can

You CAN do it…and here’s why.  Success is a statistical event, and once you understand the reality of mastering any skill, you won’t be as intimidated and tempted to quit. You’ll know why you’re good enough and how you’ll improve.

Planning For Guaranteed Income

Planning for Guaranteed Income How to Maintain Financial Security Learning how to use a combination of income and assets to position yourself for guaranteed income all along the way. Why this insight, and a fresh look at the “decreasing responsibility theory”, empowers you to make the two critical decisions that will keep you in the… Read more »