How to Spot a Winner Early On

Good employees are easy to spot if you know what to look for.

If you have a business to run, you need to find good employees who can make a contribution right away. Of course they’ll need training before they reach maximum effectiveness, but they need to be able to add some kind of productive value to the team right from the start. Winners may start off barely… Read more »

The Most Important Skill For Success

There’s only one #1 thing for you to focus on as you are headed towards a goal. Knowing what this is allows you to be efficient, stay on track and get where you’re wanting to go as fast as possible. This is something you must understand to be powerful and successful. It’s simple, but it can… Read more »

Becoming A Top Leader – Part 5B

Everyone works according to the picture they have in their mind of what they are supposed to be doing. Top leaders know nothing good will happen with their teams unless they make it happen. They can’t rely on bossing and bullying because that just drives people away. Here’s how top leaders see their role in… Read more »

Becoming A Top Leader – Part 5A

Obviously it’s not an accident when people rise to the top of their industry and stay there. They have a “method to their madness”. Having systems can empower you. Not having or understanding systems can doom you to a lifetime of mediocrity. Here’s what winners do.

Becoming A Top Leader – Part 4

Attitude and momentum are two things everyone has heard about, but only the best leaders know how to create and maintain these two powerful forces for growth. They are like the ocean tides. If you harness them, they can quickly take you places you could never go on your own. Learn how to use these… Read more »

Becoming A Top Leader – Part 3C

Winning patterns involve simplification. The reward for taking the time and effort to make tough choices weeds out distractions that keep you from the most important things. This is an area where you really see how the good can be the enemy of the best. Clutter brings down many hard working and intelligent people. Focusing… Read more »

Becoming A Top Leader – Part 3A

Don’t you wonder why some people are able to have such incredible compound growth and they never seem to be working any harder than you? Since everyone is limited by 24 hours a day, it’s especially annoying to see people race ahead in what they accomplish compared to everyone else. How do they do it? They… Read more »