Becoming A Top Leader – Part 3A

Don’t you wonder why some people are able to have such incredible compound growth and they never seem to be working any harder than you? Since everyone is limited by 24 hours a day, it’s especially annoying to see people race ahead in what they accomplish compared to everyone else. How do they do it? They… Read more »

10 Performance Improvement Hacks Successful Leaders Rely On

How winning leaders think differently.

Successful leaders know the go-to moves for performance improvement. They’ve perfected their methods because they’ve had to constantly improve to stay on top. For them, improving becomes automatic. It’s a way of life. They know greatness isn’t winning once—it’s winning consistently. And, they know the best life is a life of challenge and growth because… Read more »

Why Snipers Are the Worst Role Models for Leaders

Leaders need to be willing to jump into the fray.

In the military, snipers are cool—if they’re on your side. That’s why they make so many movies about them. They’re highly-trained loners. They have an air of mystery about them. They operate quietly, in the shadows, swinging the military advantage over to our side. They are admired. But they’re also a bit feared. Snipers are… Read more »

Guidelines Work, Rules Don’t

When leading people, you need flexibility, not rigidity.

When it comes to managing people, what’s better—making rules or creating guidelines? Rules are rigid and binding. They imply that they will be enforced and there will be negative consequences if they are not followed. For example, if you see a ‘No Parking’ sign, you would likely assume if you parked there for too long,… Read more »

5 Winning Leadership Skills

The go-to moves great leaders rely on.

How can some leaders win year, after year, after year? What’s the difference between them and those who only win occasionally? How is it that they can beat you with their people, and if they had to, could switch teams with you and beat you with your people? Great Leaders Aren’t Necessarily Better Than You… Read more »

Talent Is Like a Lemon—It’s Best When Squeezed

To achieve maximum potential, you've got to apply maximum pressure.

  Why is it that the best team, the best person doesn’t always win? It’s because winning or losing doesn’t come down to talent, brains, ability, experience, or skill. It comes down to all that multiplied by effort at a particular moment in time. It’s one thing to have a full bottle of ketchup. It’s… Read more »

MVP Arrested Before Superbowl

Behind every great victory are stories of the things everyone involved went through to make it happen.  Some are good and some are bad, but it’s never a smooth ride. Fortunately, there is a way you can minimize the chances of things going wrong at the worst time.