When It’s Smart To Goof Off

How do you afford balance? How do you avoid frantic panic mode? In this video I discuss how to avoid that feeling of being a gerbil on a treadmill. Learn how winners make plans, schedule and delegate to others who are qualified so they can enjoy a break and relax.

Great Presentations In 5 Minutes

Great Live Presentations in 5 Minutes How to Maintain a Captive Audience In this video I cover the basics of great presentation skills in under 5 minutes. I discuss my own tips and tricks to keeping your audience’s attention. I also talk about great presenters like Steve Jobs and how he was able to keep… Read more »


Great Leadership Training Basics – Part 3

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to maintain success? The great leaders know the more successful they are, the more special situations will come up that can derail their growth. Because of this, they know they can’t let themselves be hung up on rules. You’ve got to have rules. But, the bigger you… Read more »

Great Leadership Training Basics – Part 1

Why do some leaders always seem to be in control while other leaders frantically try to keep up? Why do some teams seem to have such confidence and strength while others are so full of excuses? The difference is the great leaders—the ones people say must be “geniuses”–have a greater understanding of the basics of… Read more »

Wisdom on Leadership from Greg Popovich

The San Antonio Spur's coach delivers basic truths about winning.

Greg Popovich is recognized as one of the best coaches in the NBA today. Here are some excerpts form his press conferences at the recent 2013 NBA Championship. When asked about having his star guard Tony Parker on the bench at the end of the game: “That was my decision.” The decision backfired. They fumbled away their… Read more »

Management – Using Contests For Growth

People get tired of work, work, work. Endless weeks of the same old work grinds people down, but a contest can create a whole new surge of energy. In management, you can’t build your business with contests alone–just as you can’t be healthy if you only eat dessert—but they can sure add a lot of… Read more »


The No. 1 Thing No Leader Should Ever Do

People can forgive a lot, but this will kill your potential as a leader.

No one asks leaders to be perfect. Which is good, because none of them are. Leaders are the primary big decision-makers for companies, and there’s no way they can be right all of the time. Leaders face a lot of pressure. They’ve got to keep the team focused. They’ve got to keep everyone moving forward, regularly hitting the company goals…. Read more »