The No. 1 Thing No Leader Should Ever Do

People can forgive a lot, but this will kill your potential as a leader.

No one asks leaders to be perfect. Which is good, because none of them are. Leaders are the primary big decision-makers for companies, and there’s no way they can be right all of the time. Leaders face a lot of pressure. They’ve got to keep the team focused. They’ve got to keep everyone moving forward, regularly hitting the company goals…. Read more »

A Pig with a Pink Ribbon Is Still a Pig

Character problems can't be solved with a few quick fixes.

You can wash a pig and spray it with perfume. You can put a pink ribbon around it or dress it in a pretty pig dress. It’ll look good. It’ll smell good. It will seem transformed! But let them outside and they will happily run straight to the nearest mud puddle they can find. Why? It’s their nature. Sooner or… Read more »

This Is How Pressure Makes You Great

If you want diamonds, you have to get used to pressure.

  You can’t develop greatness by drinking coffee and reading books. If you want to do anything great you’re going to have to get to work, move forward, and overcome challenges. You’re going to have to deal with things you would rather avoid and that’s good for you. It stretches you! If you’re going to… Read more »

How To Make Presentations Sizzle

Stories are the icing on the cake—they are what makes a presentation come alive. If your presentation is a meal, the stories are the dessert. They’re the things everybody looks forward to, understands, and tells their friends about. This video discusses 8 things that can give your presentations extra power. I’ve included a story at… Read more »

The Skill That Pays The Most – Part 3

Most people have no idea what exactly it is that their leaders do. They can’t figure it out because they’re looking at the wrong things. This video is about exactly what leaders do, the price they pay, and the incredible rewards you get as results from it.

The Skill That Pays The Most – Part 2

Do you wonder what specifically makes great leaders so valuable? Do you wonder what characteristics they have that most don’t? Do you wonder what things they bring to the team that causes them to be the difference maker? These are the things covered in Part 2.

The One Common Trait of all Great Leaders

Focus on action that drives results and you'll be on your way.

Leadership can be confusing because leaders come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of backgrounds, training, and experience. You can’t pick good leaders out of a crowd. They come from all walks of life. Some are highly educated, some aren’t. Some are highly trained, some are primarily self taught. Some have years of experience, some vey… Read more »

The Smartest, Best Way To Train

The Smartest, Best Way to Train Team-Building with Positive Results Want to know how you can build a team of polished professionals as fast as possible?  There’s a 4 step sequence that allows you to bring them through that has proven effective in the academic world, in training people for sports, languages, sales, and leadership…. Read more »

The Dumbest, Worst Way To Train

We have all been cursed by having to waste hours and hours in this “lost cause” popular approach to teaching. This is the universal and overwhelmingly most popular method of teaching, in spite of the fact that it is incredibly ineffective. It is a great refuge for mediocre managers who are either too oblivious to… Read more »