The #1 Reason To Run Contests

What’s the purpose of running a contest? There are 2 kinds of contests. One gives you temporary results, and the other one gives you permanent results.  If your contest is going to be successful, you need to be focused on the exact results that you want. In addition, you need to be able to focus… Read more »

The Thermometer

Any leader will tell you that the key to victory lies in keeping your team focused and unified around your main objective. How can you do this with powerful people, lots of new trainees, day after day, week after week, and finish the month exactly where you want to be (ahead of last month)? You… Read more »

How To Make Growth Automatic – Part 2

How to guarantee your production and profits go up. There’s 2 things you want to do with your production: 1. You want to constantly increase the maximum number your team can achieve and you want to protect against disaster. In other words, you want to put things in place that will allow you to grow…. Read more »