Inside The Winner’s Mind

Inside the Winner’s Mind How Mental Organization Can Help You Become a Winner Have you ever said to yourself, “I wonder what they were thinking,” after seeing somebody do something extraordinarily dumb or extraordinarily great? If you could look inside a winner’s mind, you’d know exactly what they were thinking and why they thought that… Read more »

Becoming A Top Leader – Part 3A

Don’t you wonder why some people are able to have such incredible compound growth and they never seem to be working any harder than you? Since everyone is limited by 24 hours a day, it’s especially annoying to see people race ahead in what they accomplish compared to everyone else. How do they do it? They… Read more »

When It’s Smart To Goof Off

How do you afford balance? How do you avoid frantic panic mode? In this video I discuss how to avoid that feeling of being a gerbil on a treadmill. Learn how winners make plans, schedule and delegate to others who are qualified so they can enjoy a break and relax.

The Only Way to Protect Yourself from Disasters

An extra layer of protection never hurt anyone.

A thousand-year rainstorm hit Denver last week. Roads and bridges, gone. Not damaged, but gone – forever. Thousands of homes obliterated. They’ve had massive snowstorms, and they’ve had massive fires. But never a flood. And now after the flood waters have receded, they found a parting gift: massive mildew. It was a total surprise. No one saw it… Read more »

Don’t Be A Financial Crash Test Dummy

No one is immune from financial surprises. We don’t know when or how big they’re going to be, but we know they are coming. There’s one simple basic of financial planning that can save you in these crises. Surprisingly, most people are not aware of it. It’s not hard to do, but most people haven’t thought… Read more »

7 Keys to Avoiding the Winner’s Trap

Keep doing what got you here or lose what you worked for.

It’s not unusual for winners to get distracted just enough, just slightly, from doing the things that got them to the top. Mediocrity sneaks up on the unsuspecting winner by flooding them with new opportunities. They lose what would seem to others an imperceptible amount of their intensity and focus. Unfortunately, the line between winning and losing is very fine. Before they realize… Read more »

Your Action Is Required

Planning and talking alone won't lead to big goals.

Do you know when talking is your enemy? This is something that no one tells young eager beavers, full of energy and ready to tackle the world. So purely out of love and kindness, I’m going to spell it out for them. If you like you can pass it along to them and that way, if… Read more »