How To Make Good Decisions – Part 2

Here’s how to fine-tune your decision making skills. Learn why having philosophies and guidelines give you much more productivity, flexibility, and increases your odds of success in training and running your team. The easiest thing in the world is for the person in charge to start making a bunch of rules. But before long you… Read more »

Yes You Can

You CAN do it…and here’s why.  Success is a statistical event, and once you understand the reality of mastering any skill, you won’t be as intimidated and tempted to quit. You’ll know why you’re good enough and how you’ll improve.

Planning For Guaranteed Income

Planning for Guaranteed Income How to Maintain Financial Security Learning how to use a combination of income and assets to position yourself for guaranteed income all along the way. Why this insight, and a fresh look at the “decreasing responsibility theory”, empowers you to make the two critical decisions that will keep you in the… Read more »

Skipped Gradient Principle

It’s one of the most important principles of training and education. Amazingly there are few people who know a simple but vital key to learning. It’s the reason why so many bright students get left behind in education. However, there are ways to spot it and how to avoid it.

How To Guarantee Success – Part 2

The Archimedes Principle, chopping a tree, and teeter totter – the 3 examples that show why you never have to be overwhelmed when facing big obstacles. You are not powerless. There are things you can do that put you in a position to knock even the biggest barriers out of your way.

How To Guarantee Success – Part 1

How to keep stacking the odds of success in your favor so that becomes inevitable that you win, what you can do and can’t do in positioning yourself for success, and how you can control your success rather than be controlled by someone else – putting all your eggs in one basket.

Lead Ball Snowball

One must understand the price of success, and learn about paying the price of success. How long will success take? How much effort is it going to take? Why it’s all worth fighting through the hard times to get to the mountain top, where things change rapidly into good times. Also, learn how to deal… Read more »