Achieving Goals – Do The Right First Things

Five things you can do early on to avoid failure later.

Serial winners are people of action—not just any action, specific action designed to help them move forward. They do something every day that puts them or keeps them on course for the things they want in life (especially career success). The result? Lots of winning. To increase the odds that you’ll achieve your goals, learn from them.

The great news is that nothing can keep us from doing what winners do. There’s no copyright on wisdom, and there’s no patent on action. If you leverage the same Cycle of Winning that serial winners use, you can greatly increase your chances of achieving whatever you set out to achieve.

Your best opportunity to get the cycle going is at the beginning of a new project or goal.

Serial Winner hit bookstore shelves on October 20, and I’ve released “The Serial Winner Workbook” to give you some exercises for applying the Cycle of Winning in your life. (Download your free copy now.) You’ll see great results if you use it at the start of some new, big project. Here are just five of the activities that can help you dramatically increase your chances of success. They’ll prepare you for overcoming obstacles, developing mental toughness, and moving forward when you find yourself saying, “I feel stuck.”

1. Decide: You may already have a goal or project in mind. If not, write down five things you could imagine defining your future, based on your natural curiosity and passion. Now take the one idea or theme that most excites you and create a specific, related goal for this year, or even this month.

2. Overdo: Make a list of everything you have available to you—talents, experience, skills, resources, relationships, etc.—that you can leverage to create a strong start or foundation for your goal or project. You’re most vulnerable at the beginning, so have lots of help identified to access if needed.

3. Adjust: Facts are a competitive edge, and winners use them to make smart adjustments. Where will you turn for relevant, accurate, helpful information when you face challenges in your project or goal? When you know the facts, you are mentally tougher when challenges come.

4. Finish: Toward the end of your project or goal, where or how will you be vulnerable? Be specific to prepare yourself for pitfalls. (For instance, if I’m trying to lose 15 pounds and I hit 12, I might convince myself that that’s good enough. If I’ve committed to 15, it isn’t. If it was, my original goal would have been 12, not 15. If I locked in on 15, I’m not finished until I get to 15!)

5. Keep Improving: To get yourself in the right mindset, assume you’re going to win. Once you do, you’ll want to avoid the winner’s trap—a slide into mediocrity after one good win. Decide now on a bigger goal that you’ll go for after you achieve this one, one that will push you to keep improving. Don’t get distracted by it. Just write it down somewhere so that you have some inspiration when you’ve finished this goal.

The Serial Winner Workbook” gets you started down the path of winning more and winning consistently. You’ll achieve your goals faster. You can even use it as the basis for a professional development plan. Download it and then share your feedback in the comments below!

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