You can’t coast in life

We all wish we could but it doesn’t work that way. It’s the gravity principle. When you coast you go down hill…faster and faster. If you never do anything new you become bored and boring.

So since you can’t coast, why not make a little extra effort and accomplish some things? It’s good for you, it’s healthy…like breathing fresh air.

Unless you WANT to get stale, old and bored, press forward for the things that will keep you energized.

Play a musical instrument?
If you do and you aren’t learning some now songs, you’ll get bored, no matter how well you play. You need new pieces to keep you fresh. Who want’s to play the same songs over and over? Jack Nicholson made a great movie about that subject called “Five Easy Pieces.”

Even your body works gets bored. 
If you go to the gym and do the same exercise routine over and over, your body adapts and stops improving. To keep it growing, you have to change your routines, to keep giving it fresh challenges. That’s how you get they biggest improvements in the shortest time.

It’s true in all areas of life

  • A business that stops expanding begins to stagnate and slump.
  • A team that runs the same plays becomes predictable and easy to beat.
  • An athlete that doesn’t push for new records loses interest, stops training as hard and eventually starts losing.
  • A knife that doesn’t get sharpened , getting a new edge, will get dull
  • Relationships that you take for granted eventually dissolve and disappear.

It’s why they say variety is the spice of life… because it means you are getting exposed to new things. Variety is actually more than a spice in life, it’s like a MAGIC INGREDIENT that drives you learn new things and stay fresh!

Positive change from new ideas, new people and new experiences can keep you young

  • It energizes you. 
  • It challenges you. 
  • It forces you to think. 
  • It forces you to stretch.

 As Bob Dylan said, “He who is not busy being born is busy dying.”

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