My favorite team is filled with stupidity.

Once again, they got knocked out of the playoffs. Actually, correct that, they didn’t make the playoffs. They got knocked out of even qualifying for the playoffs. This team, from owner to coach to quarterback, is the definition of professional football’s version of Ground Hog Day. Every season they relive their fantasy game plan about how life works. At the end of the season reality gives them their customary sledge hammer to the teeth wakeup call.  Home they go, defeated, discouraged and dumb as ever…destined to replay the same scenario all over again next year.

I’ve talked about this before, but let’s try it again.

They’re a fantastic living example of losing. They don’t take responsibility when it counts. They don’t understand that:

  • A beautiful state of the art stadium is not going to get the job done.
  • Having high priced, super talented players alone is not the answer
  • Great facilities, game plans and preparation is not the answer

They still naively believe that if you do the right things, eventually you’ll win. They think it eventually “just happens”. They think it’s bound to happen. They think it’s got to happen. They think one day it has to happen…They make the playoffs, they go on a winning streak, go to the Super Bowl and they win.

No, that’s not how it happens, children.

You’ve got to play the game and win. You have to make it happen. It comes down to critical moments in the game where all your talent, preparation, character, drive and determination to win all come together. At that moment you exert your will. You deliver in the crunch time. You face the crisis,

That’s when you beat the other team. That’s when your stars show what they’re made out of. That’s when the heroes on the team rise up. That’s when the heroes are made. That’s when the special players with the big salaries show why they’re paid the big salaries. They’re worth it because they can get the job done in the biggest moments. They can lead the team to victory.

And when they don’t, the stars take responsibility.

But not the Cowboys. Not in their world. The night before this last disaster quarterback Tony Romo was defending his massive annual failure in December games by saying “Well, you know it’s really not just the quarterback, it’s a team game”. If that’s the case, how come everybody in the team doesn’t make what Tony Romo is getting paid? Not only does he not get it, his coach doesn’t get it and Jerry Jones doesn’t get it. They’re the ones who have created and maintained this culture of no one’s to blame. It’s almost like they have a socialist or communist approach to competition. We’re all in this together, we’re all equal.

If you’re all equal, why aren’t you all paid the same?

If you’re all equal, why aren’t you all fired the same day? Why is it only the coach, or only the general manager? Or maybe the kicker? There’s absolutely no personal responsibility at any level in this organization for losing.  Jimmy Johnson, who coached them to winning 2 Super Bowls and now is an analyst for Fox TV said, “the Cowboy’s are in a fantasy land. They all love one another and they’re happy with each other, even when they get their brains beat every night by sloppiness of 1 or 2 players.”

Right now with this mentality the Cowboy’s are hopeless.

They’re stuck in NFL Ground Hog Day. I wonder if they’ll ever wake up.I knew this was coming.

Don’t run your business like this.

We can’t make the Cowboys wake up, but we can sure learn from their blindness. Just going through the motions and doing a lot of “good things” is not going to be all you need to do to win this year. There are going to be lots of challenging times where you get behind the 8 ball and you have to make positive things happen. You’re going to need a lot of good players, but you’re also going to need some stars to win all the battles you want to win.

Be smarter than the Dallas Cowboy’s and win big in 2013.

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