If you stand up to the thing that’s hard for you to face today, you’ll find they will be not quite so hard tomorrow.

In a week they won’t be hard at all, and shortly thereafter will become fairly easy.  That’s how you grow.  

You don’t build big muscles by lifting small weights

You can’t experience growth and the joy of growth and improvement without facing up to “hard things.” Remember just because it’s hard today doesn’t mean it’s going to be hard tomorrow. Like lifting weights in the gym, if you never lift a heavier weight you’ll never get stronger. In fact, just like building muscle, facing up to challenges is the only way to develop mental toughness in sports.

So do the hard things.  

Pretty soon they’ll be easy and people will say, “Look how strong you are. Boy, you must just be naturally strong.” They will be amazed how tough and determined you are. They won’t ever realize the process you had to put yourself through to get there. 

But you will, you’ll have the confidence that comes the achievement, from facing your fears and winning.

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