To be successful you can’t major on the minors.

Life is full of limitations—we’re not going to be here long and we don’t have unlimited resources.

If you’re going to stand out you’ve got to stay focused.

People, and companies who rise to the top do it because there is something they do better than everyone else. In that arena they are the best.

But when success comes people forget that.
They start adding features and adding products. “Look at us now, we not only have that, we also have this, and this, and this!”

They expect super success but often find their profits stop growing and even drop. Why? They’ve over complicated things and lost their focus on their #1 product.

Just because you’re on top now doesn’t mean you’ll be on top in the future. 
If you’re going to stay on top you have to keep improving. What won last year won’t win this year. Unless a company continues to focus on getting better it will slide down the charts.

The same thing works with people.

You establish yourself in life by what you can do. If you have risen to the top it’s because you fought your way there. You had to earn it. And if you are going to stay there you’ve got to keep getting better or the next guy will come up and knock you off.

So you can’t get side tracked. 

Don’t let distractions cause you to lose your main focus. You know what the big things are that make you special. So if you want to continue to improve and move up in life… 

Stay focused on doing your most important things better and better.

How can you simplify and specialize in order to get better at what you NEED to be doing?

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