You can’t expand your own vision

We don’t know what we don’t know. Until we’re exposed to the possibility of bigger and better things we’ll never consider going after them ourselves. It’s like nature, the plant can’t grow until the seed is planted.

Be careful where you go and what you see.

You can’t be infected by diseases or bad ideas if you aren’t exposed to them. People can be led away on a path to failure or provoked to greatness simply by what they’re exposed to.

That’s what happened to Bill Orender.

Bill shares in Chapter 1 of “How MDE Bill Orender Found His Way To The Top,” how his first step in the direction of new bigger and better life came from the television. He came from a blue collar environment and his father worked in the factory and it was only on television that he first saw that there could be another life for him.

Many African Americans living in the projects experienced this same light bulb moment while viewing the Cosby show on television. Or Sherman Helmsley on the TV Show The Jeffersons. This was important exposure to the concept that they could escape the ghetto and have access to a better life than they saw around them every day.

It’s why schools take kids on field trips.

They want them to see the bigger world. They want to expose them to things they may not have seen before that may really excite them.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet in life start looking because once you see it you’ll know it’s what you want.

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