Winning in sports can teach you how to win in business

The same techniques that work in one area can work in the other. Before you compete you have got to get ready. How well you prepare has everything with whether or not you’ll win.  

“Before you can win, you have to believe you are worthy.”
—Mike Ditka

 “Confidence comes from being prepared.”
—John Wooden

The right preparation gives you a solid foundation
This is where you start to beat your competition. Without a foundation you won’t build anything, but the bigger and better the foundation the bigger the accomplishments you can reach. Doing this well begins the process of putting you in a position to meet any challenge.

The right preparation helps remove the guesswork from competing.
You are going to do all the things that create the confidence you’re going to win. It’s going to keep you on an even keel so you can stay strong and on track whether you are winning or losing. If you do it right, things you run into during games are things that you have already dealt with in practice.

The right preparation gives you the advantage.
If you’re stronger team, it ensures you don’t lose to a weaker team. If you are the weaker team it evens the playing field and gives you the the best chance to upset a stronger, big shot team.

There always will be last minute things you can’t control, but all of the things you can control are the ones you focus on during your preparation. Doing a great job on this moves the odds as much as possible in your favor and gives you the confidence you’ll need to play at your best.

“Everybody has the will to win,
what very few have is the will to prepare.”
—Bob Knight

Don’t cut corners on your preparation…

that’s how you position yourself to win

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