Last year I ordered a new Leica M9 from Ken Hanson in NYC. 

It came in box, well wrapped and padded. Since I had decided to trade in my Leica M8 for it, I needed to ship that one back to Ken. I thought, why not use the same box? So in it went. 

It’s always what inside
As I took it back to RSVP in Palm Beach for shipping I thought about how the box looked exactly the same as when it arrived. No one could guess what was inside. What was on the outside didn’t matter, what mattered was what was inside.

People are like that
We come in all sizes, shapes, personalities, colors and nationalities. We have distinguishing marks, scars, eye color, height, hair color, some have bushy hair, some bald. 

Yet none of what we look like on the outside reveals what we are on the inside. 

Inside we have varying amounts of character, intelligence, personality, talent, drive and experience.

When you see them in action, you find out what’s inside
They can be shiny on the outside but rotten on the inside. They could have a nondescript appearance but be one of the funniest and intelligent people you ever meet in your life. 

Don’t jump to conclusions, because they will surely be wrong
Give people a chance. Let them reveal themselves for who they really are. That’s the only way to really know them.

It’s not difficult to get any kind of “look” you want. 
The outward appearance can change radically, easily and frequently. You see pictures of actors around Hollywood looking like bums, overweight, half dressed, wearing clothes that look like they got out of a garbage can, slouching as stand in line getting coffee at Starbucks.

The next week you see them walking the red carpet at an award show looking like a million dollars! They are groomed, they are tanned, they are trim and they’re wearing a most stylish designer suit. They are transformed! Stunning! Amazing…at least on the outside.

Inside you are who you are
You can’t hide it. You can’t disguise it for long. Sooner or later people will clearly see the real you. It shows up in your conversation. It shows in your body language. It shows in your actions.

Don’t jump to conclusions, give people a chance because until you’ve seen what’s in their heart…you don’t really know who they are.

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