How to Make the Most of the Rest of Your Year

5 Tactics for Making Big Progress on Your Goals, Despite the Holiday Hoopla

Please don’t collapse when you read this: We have three weeks left in 2015.

You might be saying, Where did the year go? You might be looking back, kicking yourself for not accomplishing some of your goals. In fact, more than 70% of people who have taken the Serial Winner assessment said they have left projects or goals unfinished in the past year.

But here’s the truth: There’s still time! A lot can happen in three weeks, if you make it happen. And even if you don’t accomplish every goal, you can still make good progress on your most important goals. You can then use that progress to build momentum for your 2016 plan.

(If you haven’t taken the assessment, you should do so before you set your goals for 2016. Take the Serial Winner Assessment here.)

Here are four pointers for finishing the year well.

1. Don’t let your schedule be overwhelmed.

The holidays come with extra demands on your time—parties, celebrations, shopping, volunteering. Take the time to plan how you will minimize the disruptions in your schedule and get the maximum work done in the time you have left.

Block out specific time to get holiday errands done and reduce distractions the rest of the time. Refuse to say yes to every demand. Stay in control of your schedule by planning.

Life is all about choices. Don’t apologize for being disciplined and organized and don’t let others tempt you into relaxing your commitment.

Life is all about choices. Don't apologize for being disciplined and organized. Click To Tweet

2. Connect THIS WEEK with important people.

This is the week you need to connect with anybody critical to your goals. The last two weeks of the year are prime vacation time. If you need somebody’s help, recommendation, support, or signature on a contract, this is the week to make it happen.

3. Overdo.

The two most important times to overdo it—to put in maximum activity in order to make big progress—are at the beginning and at the end. You’ve got three weeks. What do you need to do to make sure a goal happens, or to make the most progress?

Some tips:

  • It’s the holidays. You have an easy excuse to slack off. Don’t do it. Remind yourself that somebody out there is having a record month—probably a lot of somebodies. That could be you.
  • If you’re close to hitting your goal, don’t assume it’s in the bag. Keep pushing until you actually finish.
  • Focus every day on the most important activity—the activity that produces results.

4. Compress timeframes.

If you think it might be possible, change your deadline to December 24. A week of vacation is a great incentive!

5. Use holiday gatherings for inspiration.

You’re about to have a whole bunch of opportunities to connect with friends, family members, and colleagues. Sure, ask about their families and how they’re doing. But don’t forget to talk to them about what you’re trying to achieve. They may have some great insight to offer—a tip or connection that could make all the difference.

Decide to finish 2015 with a bang to give yourself maximum momentum in 2016. Regardless of your results, you’ll be proud of your effort and you’ll have a positive outlook as you head into the new year.

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