How to Protect Your Team Part 1: Your Eagle Eye

You’re not supposed to let bad things happen to your team.

It’s up to you to look out for you. Let’s say you work with someone for a long period of time. You work together on projects where there are responsibilities and deadlines.  

Sooner or later they’re going to let you down.

It’s inevitable. Most of the time it will be by accident. Nevertheless, it’s going to happen unless you make sure it doesn’t.  

How can you do that?

You keep a close eye on the situation… AN EAGLE EYE.  You stay aware of how things could go wrong and set your team up for success. You do this by putting things in place that minimize the chance for problems.

 Make sure your instructions are clear:

  • Establish deadlines, milestones and benchmarks.
  • Check and inspect your team’s work.
  • Continue to give key reminders.
  • Give encouragement when they are on track.
  • Constantly stay on top of things.

It’s your life, your reputation and your business. It’s your job to protect yourself. If you shift responsibility to others and they drop the ball… You are the one that gets hurt.

Stay alert and use your EAGLE EYE to spot dangers. When you see problems, don’t hesitate. POUNCE on them and protect your world!

This is the introduction to a Series on HOW TO PROTECT YOUR TEAM. Read more below. 

Part 2 – Snakes are Sneaky
Part 3 – Backup Plans
Part 4 – Talkers Shut You Down


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