First step, only start a big project when you’re ready for it to happen NOW. 

You can’t be casual about big goals. The bigger the goal, the more required. There will be a  higher price in personal effort and focus, and as a result, you need to go for it faster so you won’t get distracted.

You won’t let doubts creep in and talk yourself out of it. Once you start you don’t want your mind cluttered by questioning yourself.  You want to be totally focused on getting it done. 

The truth is that everything is made easier by doing it quicker.
When you move fast, you don’t have time to notice the pain and the price you’re putting yourself through. That’s because you are focusing on moving, getting it done…you’re focused on the goal line. You can lick your wounds later.  

Go slow and you flirt with disaster.
It’s why the world is full of people who almost do it. The slower you go, the more you allow your mind to wander, and distractions, doubt, come in and eventually cause you to increase the likelihood that you slow down, reevaluate, and just decide to quit.  

When you’re in a hurry, you’re not thinking about quitting, you’re thinking about getting it done so you can enjoy the benefits of the prize as soon as possible.

Second step, break your big project down into lots of little pieces. 
Everyone goes through disappointments and problems on the way to the top of every mountain—and you’re going to have disappointments. The answer is to create lots of little daily “do-able” targets for you to hit. Each time you hit one of these mini-goals you have a victory.

It allows you to measure every step forward. Instead of being overwhelmed by the things that don’t work out, you give yourself positive reinforcement that your project is working. You have little victories to celebrate. It keeps your energy up. Since you’re proving to yourself you’re making progress, you stay convinced that you’ll get it done.

This is how you can “do it” instead of “almost do it” like everyone else.
So many people put in so much effort but never complete anything. It’s  very sad. They come close. They put in a lot of work, but over and over they fail. It’s one thing to know HOW to “do it” and it’s another entirely different thing to actually “do it.”

It’s the same approach people use to climb the highest mountains in the world. They arrange their time, they lock in their goal, and start moving up the mountain. They keep putting one foot in front of the other until they get to the top. That’s exactly the way you can climb to places you’ve never been before in your life as well. 

If you want to “do it” go for it fast and climb lots of little steps all the way up until you’re there.

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