The 4th Key to Beating Big Shots is Attitude

We hear it all the time…”attitude is everything.” It’s certainly true that without the right attitude you have no chance.

Attitude keys your energy
When you have a great energy you don’t hold back. You expect good things to happen. You focus on doing your job.

If things go wrong, you stay focused and just assume your luck will change and you’ll get a chance to get back on top. Whatever play the coach calls—you jump in.

If you don’t have a great attitude you will question everything. You’ll resent all the work you have to do, because you think it’s a waste of time.

Your attitude is tested everyday, every minute.
At every step, you have challenges that test you and give you the opportunity to turn sour. It’s only those who maintain a positive attitude that are able to stay positive going through the painful stages of conditioning, practice and preparation. 

No matter how great the game plan is that the coaches prepare, it’s worthless unless executed with energy and precision. If you have athletes with great attitudes on the field, you know that gives you the absolute best chance for that plan to work.

Great team attitude creates consistency, bad attitude destroys it
It keeps them focused on the team goal…winning! Maybe a player is having a bad day, but if he can overcome it by focusing on the team, it won’t matter. He will stay focused and intense. 

Self-centered glory hogs lose focus if they start to play bad. They are thinking about themselves—their statistics—and their real motivation is exposed. They become the drop of poison that destroys the team’s focus at the critical moment.

These are the ones quick to blame others and complain.You can’t win with them.

Great attitude gives you all the extras:

  • It helps you keep things in perspective.
  • Prevents you from making excuses.
  • It gives you toughness and determination to win because you are always looking for positives.
  • It creates the desire to improve and the drive to make the extra effort so you can improve
  • It makes the process fun for the player and everyone else on the team

Protect the team’s attitude! With it, you have chance to do great things!

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