You don’t need a perfect plan. All you need is a plan that’ll work.In fact, has there ever been a perfect plan?

As Mike Tyson said, “Yeah, they’ve all got a plan. They all’ve got a plan to beat me. Until they get in the ring and get hit.”

Then reality sets in.

There was a plan to win the Iraqi war. Once the game or war or campaign starts the unexpected surprises start showing up. From that point on, the determining factor in whether you win or lose is how good are your adjustments. Everyone’s got plans, but plans only work if you make adjustments. Plans get you started. Plans get you going. Plans start thing off. Plans can keep you on track.

However, to make a plan, the hidden secret of making plans work is the adjustments you make once the plan is launched. They may be minute to minute, day to day, week to week, but you’ve got to react to surprising things that happen **** that could and most of them could not even be predicted before you launch your project. Don’t worry about the perfect plan.

All you need is a plan that will work and be willing to make the adjustments until you get there, until you get the job done.


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