Why The Lazy Fear Change

Most people resist change because the unknown is scary, frightening and intimidating. They like things the way they are. One thing they’re not looking for ismore work and they hate the idea of anything that might lead to more work. They don’t want to be bothered, they want to get by with the minimum effort, they want to just shuffle through life. Even if unhappy they at least know where they are now.

They are fearful of what change would brining because they just naturally assume it’s going to turn out bad for them. But carrying that attitude is not healthy.

That’s not a winning attitude. 
This stubbornness holds them back and puts them in a position of perpetual resistance and constantly missing new opportunities. They don’t have much confidence, they don’t really want better things, so the idea of change seems unsettling.

The Big Problem
But there’s a real big problem with this approach and that’s because we aren’t stuck in one spot in one point in time, we are moving through life.

Everything is moving, changing and adjusting.

Your friends change, your kids grow older, your business evolves into other forms, the economy goes up and down and it never ends. Even the ground we stand on is spinning through space.

Make Friends With Change
Open yourself up. Change is part of life and unavoidable.  

With every change comes news opportunities however it may well create more possibilities for you than you’ve ever imagined. On the other hand it may save you from losing some of those things you have now but are destined to lose. For example, your company is gobbled up by a bigger company: everyone panics.  

However, with the new management team they may make changes that opens a bigger and better career path for you or because they bought the company it may save you from eventually losing your job because the company you were with was losing money and heading for bankruptcy.   

Sure it’s easier to just keep things the way they are. Unfortunately in this world things never stay the way they are. 

If you want to survive and prosper you would do well to decide to make friends with change.

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