Here’s What You Think…

When you avoid the decision to do something, youthink you are just postponing the decision, the option is still on the table. You think you can, at any time decide to go forward. But that’s not how it works.

Suppose it was something important. Something you have been wanting to do, something you needto do. But for some reason you just can’t get yourself to do it right now. The perfect opportunity has come along, now is the time—you could get this behind you—but no. You decide “not now.”

I’ll Do It Later

You think I’ll do it later. There’s no rush. I’ll have a little more time later, a freer schedule. It’s just not convenient right now. Timing is not quite right.

But you tell yourself, I’m going to do it, just not now.

You’ll Do It—Never

But here’s the truth. If you don’t do it now, you never will. Not now becomes never. You don’t intend for that to happen. You would swear it wouldn’t happen. But that’s what’s going to happen.

Maybe Later

When I was growing up, each night after dinner my mother would ask my father if he would like some dessert. He would consider it for a second, then pat his stomach, look at her sweetly and say, “Maybe later.” He didn’t want dessert. He was full already. But he didn’t want to disappoint her. So, he didn’t say no, he said “maybe later.”

Of course we understood what he meant, he didn’t want any dessert. Later never came. But it still made it more pleasant at dinner than abruptly saying no.

Delay Deludes

The trouble in life comes when we use the same delaying tactics to deal with difficult decisions and we delude ourselves. When faced with the decision to do something right now that we need to do should do, but don’t want to do right now, we say, “not now.”

The time isn’t quite right. The truth is that the time is NEVER quite right. And we lie to ourselves thinking I’m REALLY going to do that later. A little later… 

The Truth

But the truth is this, if you don’t do it now, you never will. Not now becomes never. If you want to change your life, if you need to change your life, but the time is not convenient, don’t kid yourself into thinking it ever will be convenient. There will never be a perfect time.

Wake Up and Decide Now, Because Tomorrow Will Never Come

Don’t lie to yourself and say “Not now, maybe a little later, because later will never come and you will have forfeited your chance to make the changes you want.


What have you put off that you can do NOW? What are the things that keep you from moving forward NOW?

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