One Idea Can Change Your Life

with Casey Diaz

LifeLarry Weidel: I am with best-selling author Casey Diaz who will be speaking about his life and recovery from being raised deep into the gang life. 

When you become the big celebrity and you go to the big event or have the big success, when you come back, having the right kind of staff around you get your mind back on reality engaged in real world things.

If you look at the music industry, a lot of the rock stars managers and their support teams were getting drugged up, coked up and drunk at the same time the band was.  They were making it worse.

You got to have people who have their feet on the ground around you, otherwise you’re all gonna be floating out of the space.

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I think when we look and we condemn a lot of the people that have been in the spotlight over the years, part of them going off the rails was that they did not have the right kind of staff around them to help them keep on track for the kind of values of things they knew that mattered.

When they went off, everybody went off. Please talk about having the right kind of support and stability and that cocoon around you.

Casey Diaz: My wife and my friends told me that I have a good voice, and said we should start a podcast. Then that became another place of income for me throughout this time.

You listen to sound advice from these people. You listen to their heartbeats. I remember growing up and my mom would always say, “tell me who you hang out with. I’ll tell you who you are.” And that’s probably a resounding quote that all of us heard at some point.

It’s absolute truth that quote is because who you hang out with, that’s who you really become.


And so hanging out and having a circle of influence that’s healthy, that motivates you, that cores into your life.  In that pouring that they’re looking out for you.   A lot of us make the mistake of surrounding ourselves with a losing mentality with friends.

There’s a time where you need to cut off certain people out of your life. I’m a big believer in that. You gotta get rid of some people, you can’t be playing and toying around with certain individuals.

You need healthy people to surround your life, to continue a successful life.

LW: And the thing is, as long as you keep growing yourself, that kind of pruning of these people and situations and activities out of your life happens naturally because you’re just too busy for them.

You have more important things.

You’re going faster down the road and they just can’t keep up anymore.  It puts you out of the situation where if they can’t keep up with you, if they can’t stay in the same group, they’re just going to be left behind.  It’s better to just leave them behind rather than having to go in and say, you can’t call me anymore.

That doesn’t work. Fill your life up with positive things and new positive things and keep moving forward.

The other thing I wanted to ask you about is the idea that one idea can change your life.

I know your faith is important to you.  You and I are both Christians. We’re not going to apologize for it, but we’re not going to ram it down people’s throats.


We’re also not going to hide it, but you were in the deepest of solitary confinement but one idea or one phrase can change your life.

Nobody even knew you were there. This one lady from a church down in LA, she would ride the bus basically all day up to this Supermax and go around and meet and talk with the prisoners.

Even she couldn’t see you in solitary, but you could hear the voices. She noticed behind the door and asked the guard is somebody back behind that door.

That was where you were. The power of the voice and ideas, one idea can change your life. She had to get up there and something drove her.

What did she say to you through the Supermax when you were in the solitary?

CD: She said, Jesus loves you and he’s gonna use you.

I didn’t know any better, and I didn’t want nothing to do with that religion or whatever she was trying to sell me at that point.

Those words later on after I become a Christian in there and it rang so deep in my heart that there are specific words that people will speak into your life, that you have to be with an open mind with your ears open and see what they’re really trying to say.

Here we are, decades later and those simple words “Jesus is going to use you” are now being fulfilled.

Sometimes you just gotta slow your role, pump the brakes and take time to listen to what people are saying and speaking into your life because it’s important.

LW: Because you cannot underestimate words. For example, in business, one thing that’s driven me is that the things that ideas like it business it’s like I heard early on totally gave me focus on how to move forward.

Like ideas are a dime a dozen, but the people who use them are priceless.

Great ideas don’t care who uses them.

That’s kind of like the motivating thing behind where I do my Monday morning calls.

If somebody’s beating me, they probably got a great idea that I need to know about. Then if I could find out what that idea is, the greatest favor I can do for them is use their idea and beat them with it.

That’ll keep them from getting lazy. You gotta be specific to be dynamic.

If you’ve got an expensive car and it doesn’t run, you got to lift the hood up and find out why isn’t it running, go find that missing part.

CD: There’s some times when I wake up, I felt like I’m in a hard place and struggle in life.

But those words give me strength.

God used words to hang the stars. God used words to create.

Here we are in this life, listen to the words that are coming through those circles of influence in your life.

LW: There’s the positive and negative.

My son is my kind of disciplinarian on this. It’s easy to get frustrated with things and put negative aspersions on people. But every time I might do that about politics or something, he’s like, no, we don’t need to hear that.

What good is it going to do? 

When you say negative things, it makes you feel bad. So let’s don’t go there and waste the time.

Shut your mouth and focus. Say something that could make an impact for good.

CD: Yes. You are right. These are reminders we all need time to time. One benefit is if you have the right people around you, they will call you back to line.

LW: Casey, what’s the name of your podcast? If people want to go to your podcast.

CD: It’s The Shot Caller podcast, and it’s on iHeartRadio, Apple, Anchors, Spotify. It’s on every platform.

LW: Great, thanks for joining us, Casey!

Click here to listen to the Million Dollar Mastermind Podcast episode #184 with Casey Diaz! 

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