As long as we’re alive, the clock is ticking…

We’re not going to be here forever, and people that get ahead realize that. They know that it’s not enough just to get a job done, you’ve got to get it done as best you can within the time  allotted to do it. 

You’re supposed to learn that in school.

One of the biggest values of formal education at all levels is teaching the students to not only get their projects done but to get them done by their due date. 

I’ll never forget the incredibly gifted architectural student I knew at Georgia Tech. He came up with the most creatively brilliant solutions to our assignments. Unfortunately he flunked out because he always turned them in late. 

Even wars are lost because of timid Generals.

Go back and read about any war in history that you choose, and you’ll find the story of some General who lost because he missed his decisive moment to attack, because he thought he still needed more troops, more weapons, more something. 

You win in spite of what you lack.

Winners are over-comers. In life you never have enough of what you need. You may need more people, more resources, more tools, more money, more time to prepare, more information…but you’ll never have all you need. Something will always be wrong, something will always be missing. 

People who are always waiting for things to be perfect before they act become paralyzed by waiting and preparing. They never win anything.

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