Pros Work Like Dogs

Rookies want everyone to notice their hard work.

They’re so proud of themselves. They actually broke a sweat.  

“Wow, I’m working. Wow, I’m a hard worker. Look at me world, I’m unique, I’m special, I’m really busting it.”

On one hand it’s pathetic, on the other it’s humorous.
They are waking up from their total obliviousness to how hard people actually work in the world. These comments always come from people getting used to working hard. The fact that they remark about it reveals it’s a surprising new experience for them. As they tell you how hard they’re now working, they also are inadvertently telling you that they haven’t been working.  

If you want to get ahead, you have to compete.
The exceptions are unions, bloated bureaucracies and dying companies. Everywhere else, you’ve got to hustle…at every level. Not just those working on commission either. Even salaried employees have competition from people wanting their jobs and wanting to beat them to the next promotion.  

In business you get out what you put in.
It’s a simple formula that high achievers understand but low achievers don’t. For example, if you treat your business like a hobby, you’ll get a hobby income. But if you want a chance at a legitimate, for real, big time business income…treat it like a business…a big business.

The reason is that it’s HARD to make money. Very hard. It’s hard to build a business. It’s hard to stay in business. If you’re successful you are going to be working long and hard. Those that aren’t serious don’t last.

A word to the wise.
Please, never tell anyone how hard you work. If you are so impressed that you actually working that you have to talk about it…everyone will look at you as a rookie or poser as they roll their eyes. 

You may not have realized it yet but that’s the thing business requires. And those around you have been doing for a long time. 

It’s a great thing you’re picking up steam and really working…it shows you are finally getting started on your career. If you keep on there can be some great opportunities open up for you.

In the big leagues, everyone works like a dog.

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