Recently, I got on an elevator, and then immediately in behind me rushed a UPS deliveryman. He was pushing his cart filled with boxes and you could feel the small space almost vibrate with his energy.

You could tell he was pumped up and a man on a mission. He had places to go, things to deliver and a short time to get it done. The result was that he was energized and focused. That’s certainly not the way most go about their business during the day.

Your energy shapes everything around you. How fast you walk. How fast you talk. It paints a picture for everyone else to see how you feel about what you do. It let’s people know instinctively whether or not what you are doing is important and beyond that whether or not YOU are important.

What kind of results do you want? Are you on a commission? Are you on a salary? Watch a delivery person, the energy that they go around with versus somebody who’s on a salary on a job with a guaranteed income. 

Companies generate the energy level of their employees. There’s a difference between the body language of somebody with a top company, somebody with a average or mediocre or floundering company.  What do their employees look like?  How can you tell? You can tell by their energy and body language.

Give them reasons. if you want people to hustle, you’ve got to give them reasons—personal reasons, team reasons, mission reasons. Give them a cause where they see the big picture. If anyone asks the question, “What’s so great about this company?” they should be able to rattle off two, three, four examples. There should be an energy about it. When they talk about their company it should create fire, energy, and excitement. They should get more excited the more they talk about it because it’s reminding them of good things and why they are fortunate to be there.

Find a place that motivates you to hustle. If you shuffle along through life you’ll never do anything great. One mark of high achievers is that they have tremendous energy and excitement about what they do. For you to have a chance at Greatness you must find a place to work that excites you. You must find something to do that excites you, something that you believe in and know can pay off in a big way. Finding an energizing environment to work in releases you to be your best and make the maximum contribution. 

Your hustle will identify you to everyone as someone who has great promise and is on your way up.  You will be enjoying your work and it will show. People will enjoy being around you.

It’s the people who hustle who wind up at the top!

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