One of the secrets of success in all walks of life is to …Start with aBang! From a roller coaster ride at the amusement park to a Broadway show, they all start with a Bang!

Why is this so important?

It sends a definite signal that THEY MEAN BUSINESS! It sends a clear signal that this is going to be exciting and you’re going to be glad you came. They want to instantly engage all your senses and rock you out of your normal comfort zone to maximize your attention and enjoyment.

Business Leaders could learn a lot from this technique.

In business, you are always starting over. Every week, every month, every season, every year—you start over all over again.

If you can come up with ways to grab your team’s attention and start each phase off with fresh excitement, you’re on your way to maximizing team activity and having lots of great things happen as a result.

In fact keeping your team energized and active is the biggest key to keeping your business growing.

Activity produces energy, excitement, knowledge, experience and results!

Leaders, if you are looking for a head start on your competition, find ways to put extra activity into your weeks and months by…Starting with a Bang!

Start with a BLITZ of Activity!

  …Because Activity produces! 

       Activity produces Energy!

          Activity produces Knowledge!

             Activity produces Experience!

Because…Focused, High-Energy Activity Produces WINNING!


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