Nothing great is done without a team.

Doing big things requires lots of skills, lots of resources, lots of experience and support. No one has it all, knows it all or can do it all. For one reason there’s only 24 hours in the day. That’s why you better have a team. The bigger the team and the better the team, the greater the achievements that become possible.

Behind every great team is a strong leader at work.
You can have the greatest personnel and resources in the world but without the right leader nothing is likely to happen. Let’s think of a simple example. Let’s say you play tennis and your goal is to be the #1 player in your neighborhood. Depending on how big your neighborhood is, and how many people play tennis you may be able to do that all by yourself. You may not even need a coach.

On the other hand if you want to become the #1 tennis player in the world you better get a team. For starters you’re going to need a coach, an agent, a manager, various assistants, a doctor and probably a traveling masseuse. But even then unless you can pull them together to do their jobs when you need it and how you need it, they’re not going to be much help. If you’re going to be the #1 tennis player in the world you’re going to have to be good on the court and off the court leading your team to consistently give you the support you need.   

It’s strong leadership that’s the key to great accomplishment.
Strong leaders are rare and their impact stands out from the crowd. You don’t get to be a strong leader because someone gives you a plaque or a title. You become a strong leader because you earn it by the things you produce. You don’t become a strong leader by yelling at people and throwing your weight around. Here are definite signs of strong leadership:

  • Strong leadership produces big results. They not only have the courage to go for the top, they have the determination to stay on track until the job gets done.
  • Strong leadership produces strong leadership. Because they require so much of themselves they require much of those around them. The people they work with get infected with their attitude, discipline and determination to get the job done. These upcoming assistants become powerful leaders themselves
  • Strong leadership inspires great effort. Great achievements come from getting more done in the same time than others. By keeping everyone focused on the target and the time table these leaders inspire everyone to maximum performance. Anyone on the team who doesn’t push hard gets left behind.  
  • Strong leadership attracts passionate followers. The best and brightest are never excited to work for the weak. They are overwhelmingly attracted to leaders who are in a hurry to do something great. When they see a strong leader and an exciting team accomplishing great things they can’t help but want to jump aboard.  

The world is full of need. In every country in every arena of life there are huge needs. The world is full of people, ideas and money. But they only thing that can bring them together and produce positive results are strong leaders.

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