The Power of What’s Next

A winning strategy for life.

When your life is over people look back over what you did, not what you intended to do.That’s why potential is not worth a whole lot.What matters is what are doing and what did you do with your potential?Since we’re only here for a short time and the clock is ticking one of the best things for us to do is to keep moving forward.The right action strategy will have a lot to do with whether or not you win.  

Joe Covington had the best one I ever heard.
When he joined our team he was 15 years older than the rest of us and he was a man in a hurry.He’d had big incomes in the past only to have the economy wipe it out.He went from a half million income in the high life to struggling to get by. 

Joe didn’t work, he raced.
When he joined us and got excited about what we did and the opportunity it gave him to get his old lifestyle back, he dove in.Joe was not detail oriented.He was action oriented.I’ll never forget seeing him in the office running around asking different ones on his team, “what’s next?”He wanted to keep people moving.He wanted to keep the pot stirring.He wanted to get the job done as fast as possible. 

Joe wasn’t focused on average.
He didn’t wonder what the average person did.He didn’t care what people usually did.He was only focused on doing the most that was possible to do in the shortest period of time.Joe knew there was a pile of work to get done and the sooner it was done the sooner the rewards would start coming in.He wasn’t about to get side tracked on minor details.He wanted to get the job done.The result?Joe raced to the top of our organization in record setting time and brought his management team along with them, and they had record success as well.  

Do you have an activity strategy for winning?
If not you might consider using “what’s next?”It keeps you focused.It keeps your teams focused.It keeps them moving forward and it keeps everyone moving.  

To win, you’ve got to plow through a lot of work in a short time.“What’s next?” Allows to do it.  

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