Want to reduce stress in your life?

There is a special gift that you can give yourself in every area of your life that will save you from trouble and stress over and over again. This gift is something that only you can give yourself. Its what the wise do and the foolish don’t. What is it?

Its a “Margin of Error”

When you are traveling to an appointment, give yourself a cushion, plan to get there early. Then if you have any last minute surprises, delays or problems come up you have some extra time to handle them and still get there on time. That might not be a big deal if you are late for lunch but it will be if you are catching a plane.

When you are budgeting your expenses…don’t live within your means, live below your means—give yourself a margin of error.

 Leave yourself a financial cushion. There’s always surprises that come up that cost money—new brakes for the car, a new roof for the house, a new computer for the college student…it never ends. If you have a cushion you can handle the surprises with no stress.

Rarely in life do things go as planned. Protect yourself. Always be on the lookout for ways you can give yourself a buffer from trouble. 

As often as possible, look out for yourself by allowing for a “Margin of Error!”

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