This Is How Pressure Makes You Great

If you want diamonds, you have to get used to pressure.


You can’t develop greatness by drinking coffee and reading books. If you want to do anything great you’re going to have to get to work, move forward, and overcome challenges. You’re going to have to deal with things you would rather avoid and that’s good for you. It stretches you!

If you’re going to help others develop greatness, you’re going to have to train them to stand up to obstacles. If you haven’t done that you won’t be much help.

Even if you’re developing products or ideas it only happens by continuing to fight the problems that come up until you find a great solution

A kite rises against the wind
In fact, a kite needs the wind. Everyone faces trials and tribulations. Things are always going wrong. Plans never work right the first time. The rewards go to those who don’t crumble when challenges come. Great leadership is defined in times of greatest trial.

You learn how to deal with big challenges by dealing with the small challenges that come your way constantly. And, you grow step by step into greatness by facing and not running from these challenges.

Leaders can’t run and hide
A leader who runs from pressure is soft. They have no real commitment or determination to win. They don’t have to confidence that they can come up with a solution. They are filled with doubt and worry and excuses.

If the leader is soft, the team will be soft. They’ll never be able to inspire their team to “hang in there” and fight. They have no chance to achieve anything…much less anything great.

The best leaders look at pressure differently
They realize when pressure comes that they are on the right track. They realize the only way to avoid pressure is to never attempt anything They understand that life is always going to be sending you challenges. Some you can predict and others you can’t. They also understand that even the most frightening challenges are like brittle china. If you stand up to them they will crumble. As a result these leaders don’t get spooked. They don’t panic. They don’t run. What they do is they face it. They deal with it and they move on.

The elite don’t panic because they realize facing pressure is the process that transforms them into greatness!
They know you can’t build big muscles by lifting little weights. If you want to be the best you can be, don’t let pressure scare you. Stand up to it, deal with it and you’ll grow.

Pressure is the process that develops Greatness. If you run from it, you’ll never be Great. 

When you face it you find that what was a huge challenge for you yesterday is something you can handle with ease today!

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