Winning is not a sometime thing.  

It’s not a one-time thing, it’s something you can build your life around. It’s who you are. It’s your approach to life.

It’s your attitude. 

If you won something, that is one achievement in time, but winning or a winning approach means you decide to take charge of your life.  

“Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” –Vince Lombardi

If you want the best in one area of your life, you want it in the others too. If you are successful in one area but miserable in others its going to drag you down.

If you are successful in business, making lots of money yet your health, family and personal life is terrible, what good does it do you? You aren’t going to be able to get much enjoyment out of your hard earned success.

There’s no settle for second best in anything
In every phase of your life you realize things can be better. There’s nothing that can’t be improved. In fact the same approaches that allow you to be successful in one area of your life can work in others.

It doesn’t matter if things aren’t going well right now because no matter how bad things are going, you can turn things around and move back up. No matter how bad, bleak, dark the situation is, it can be improved.  

The same is true of success
No matter how high you go, how big a success you have, you can make it bigger. The lessons you learned on your way up can be used to take you higher.

The higher you climb, the higher you can climb.

Winning is a way of life, not just a sometime thing, it’s an all-the-time thing.

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