When you’re competing, you must produce.

You must put numbers on the board. You must get the job done. You’ve got to get the thing done that you are responsible to get done. You’ve got to post numbers that prove, you not only can talk a good game, but you can deliver. 

We get paid to produce in life. The numbers are your credentials. Until the points show up on the board, there is no way to separate the Winners from everybody else who’s just talking a good game.

We don’t get paid
…to talk about producing
    …to plan about producing
        …to prepare to produce       
            …or to train for producing.

The bottom line is that the biggest rewards go to the people who produce because for every one who does there are ten that just talk. These are the ones who at some point wake up from their dreaming and actually go to work and get the job done.

They make themselves extremely valuable and rare by what they accomplish. That’s why they are the highest paid—and that will never change.


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