What you see on the outside very often has NOTHING to do with a person's potential.

What you see on the outside very often has NOTHING to do with a person’s potential.

“There has never been a test—and there never will be a test that can measure the heart of a man or woman.” —Art Williams

Life is full of opportunities.

As you look out there and try to decide what you are going to do with your life, you wonder… “Could I do that? Would I be any good at that?”

There is only one way to find out. Go for it!
Tennis may look like fun, but you’ll never know until you get a racket, get on the court and start hitting some balls. Until you get into the water, you’ll never know if you really like swimming.

On the outside looking in you get certain impressions on how it would be to work somewhere, but you’ll never know for sure how you like it until yo start doing it. You’ll also never know if you have an aptitude for it, if you could be good at it.

The same with employers.
They’ll never really know until they see you in action. It’s even true in professional sports. They put months of analysis, testings, interviewing, looking at video, conducting tryouts to see who they are going to draft. They make their pick, sign them to million dollar contracts and then hope. Because years of experience has taught them that they really are just guessing. They won’t know, even after all that research, how they will perform in intense game situations.

So what’s the point? 
If you think you’d like to do something, if you think you would enjoy it and be good at it, then get started and find out for sure as soon as possible.

And if you are an employer…
Don’t pick your winners on appearance. Get them in the game and let them show you who the best ones are. Because if you try to pick them in advance, you’ll almost always get the wrong one.

Testing scores can’t measure anyone’s heart—their will to win. 

And their will to win is what makes them Winners!

Have you been underestimating yourself, or holding yourself back because you’re afraid to try? Or have you hired someone who totally suprised you (or disappointed you) because you misjudged their appearance?

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