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How to Predict Your Future, Part 2

In part 1 of How to Predict Your Future, I covered the critical idea that if you want to predict whether or not you’ll achieve something, you have to measure your activity and your results. And I explained that for

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How to Predict Your Future, Part 1

I know a guy who is a fitness fanatic. He lifts weights every day for more than an hour, does sprints for twenty minutes, is a serious downhill skier and golfer, and has maintained roughly the same weight for about

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12 Ways Honesty Pays Bigger Dividends

It seems like everywhere we look today our heroes are falling—publicly. Volkswagen, deflate-gate, Ashley Madison, two world bridge champions (that’s right, the card game), Atlanta educators. People and companies we trust and admire betray that trust and destroy that admiration.

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Great Teams Have One Thing in Common

The type of team doesn’t matter—business, professional sports, volunteers, Fantasy Football. The type of industry you’re in doesn’t matter. The size of the team doesn’t matter. To be great, any team needs just one thing: a high percentage of star

Sports team celebrating and holding trophy.

The Serial Winner Infographic

Next week, on October 20, Serial Winner hits bookstore shelves, ships from Amazon warehouses, becomes downloadable as an ebook, gets carried by carrier pigeon … In preparation, we created the Serial Winner Infographic. It reveals the Cycle of Winning and how winners achieve what they do.

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6 Strategies for Turning New Employees into Winners

Growing up, I spent a lot of time on my grandparents’ farm. I watched my grandfather plant crops every year. It was amazing how much effort he had to put in during the planting season. The only other time that

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4 Non-negotiables for Winning Leadership

Winning leaders are people who make positive things happen. For me, that’s the definition of leadership. If you aren’t making things happen with your team, you’re just running a social club. Benjamin Hooks, a civil rights leader and the former

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Can You Depend on Your “Self”?

The most successful people rely on themselves first. Does that sound lonely or egocentric? It isn’t. You’ve got one life, and it’s all yours. Why would you want to turn control of it over to somebody else? Winners know that nobody will

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The 1% That Makes All the Difference

I have always loved watching interviews with PGA golfer Paul Goydos. He’s funny and his insights are dead on. Seven or eight years ago, he was being asked in interviews what made Tiger Woods better than most players. He said,

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3 Tactics for Busting Out of a Slump

Winners Avoid Slumps Like the Plague When winners sense a loss of momentum, they immediately spring into action because they know it’s going to lead to a slump, and a slump is a very bad thing—much worse than most people realize. Winners

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Want Greater Career Success? Develop a Pioneer Mindset

There’s always a way. I knew a woman who worked at a publishing company. Apparently, it’s tough to get into the industry, particularly on the editorial side of the business. The competition is fierce. Even though she was told that

Person skiing downhill really fast.

The MacGyver Principle of Winning

Winners find a way to the top. Bill Orender, one of the greats in my company, once told me how he starts his day. He said, “I get up every morning, go to the refrigerator, pour myself a glass of