How To Make Presentations Sizzle

Stories are the icing on the cake—they are what makes a presentation come alive. If your presentation is a meal, the stories are the dessert. They’re the things everybody looks forward to, understands, and tells their friends about. This video discusses 8 things that can give your presentations extra power. I’ve included a story at… Read more »

Jim Valvano’s Dad Packed His Bags

Faith and vision can change the course of someone's life.

Coach Jim Valvano was a dreamer. It started in high school. At 16 years old he heard a talk by Olympic Champion Bob Richards. Bob told them, “God must love ordinary people because he made so many of us. Yet, every single day, in every walk of life, ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things!” Jim said that… Read more »

Making Yourself Good Enough

This is the introduction to the videos on Self Management and Self Improvement. This covers why and how you can get yourself mentally organized to attack and achieve the dreams that you have for yourself. There are solid reasons you can expect to win if you take the right approach. This video is the lead-in… Read more »

The Money Game

Why do so many of us have so much trouble with our finances? If there’s one subject that overwhelms and confuses most of us, it’s finance. You can’t just trust someone else to make all your decisions for you. These are decisions you must make yourself! Why is it that we find it so easy… Read more »

Theory Of The American Dream

There’s a central subconscious dream most people have. That dream is, the ability to take control of their own lives. They’re looking forward to a day where they won’t have to work. They’re looking forward to the “Golden Years.” Until they get older and reality sets in, it never dawns on most people that there’s any… Read more »