A Pig with a Pink Ribbon Is Still a Pig

Character problems can't be solved with a few quick fixes.

You can wash a pig and spray it with perfume. You can put a pink ribbon around it or dress it in a pretty pig dress. It’ll look good. It’ll smell good. It will seem transformed! But let them outside and they will happily run straight to the nearest mud puddle they can find. Why? It’s their nature. Sooner or… Read more »

The Smartest, Best Way To Train

The Smartest, Best Way to Train Team-Building with Positive Results Want to know how you can build a team of polished professionals as fast as possible?  There’s a 4 step sequence that allows you to bring them through that has proven effective in the academic world, in training people for sports, languages, sales, and leadership…. Read more »

The Dumbest, Worst Way To Train

We have all been cursed by having to waste hours and hours in this “lost cause” popular approach to teaching. This is the universal and overwhelmingly most popular method of teaching, in spite of the fact that it is incredibly ineffective. It is a great refuge for mediocre managers who are either too oblivious to… Read more »

The #1 Reason To Run Contests

What’s the purpose of running a contest? There are 2 kinds of contests. One gives you temporary results, and the other one gives you permanent results.  If your contest is going to be successful, you need to be focused on the exact results that you want. In addition, you need to be able to focus… Read more »

The Thermometer

Any leader will tell you that the key to victory lies in keeping your team focused and unified around your main objective. How can you do this with powerful people, lots of new trainees, day after day, week after week, and finish the month exactly where you want to be (ahead of last month)? You… Read more »

How To Climb To The Top – Part 2

Go behind the scenes and learn the road traveled by some million dollar earners. Like, a hall of fame Super Bowl winning quarterback and one of Hollywood’s top legendary actors. You’ll get a lot of encouragement and insight as you find their struggle in many ways parallels what you are going through.