Why You Don’t Need to Know Everything

Training in Steps

Like little birds chirping in their nest desperatly hungry for their mother to feed them, most new people start out with an overwhelming desire for training. Train me! Train me! Train me! When are we going to get the real meat? Train me!

The trouble is in the beginning you can’t handle the real meat. In the beginning you don’t know the language; you don’t know the situation. Most of the training goes over your head because you have no frame of reference to absorb it. It’s like someone throwing you Christmas ornaments, garland and lights, yet you have no Christmas tree to put them on.

In the beginning, the main thing you need to know is exactly what you need to do to get started. You need to know exactly what your first target is. You need a simple assignment so you can start making baby steps on your own. Everytime you do something, you learn something. It perpares you to understand even more. Training is necessary, but getting active is even more important. As you move ahead, there will be time for you to learn everything.

Trying to learn everything before you start can’t be done. This video shows you the right way to get started.

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