Blinded by the Glamour and the Glory

The glare of the spotlight hides the long, rocky path to the top. 

By the time the most successful people reach the top, and get into the public eye, they are surrounded with glory, glamour, awards and all of the other signs of success. They seem confident and in control. It’s hard to imagine them having any problems, frustrations, or struggles. They come from a parallel universe where road to the top is paved with rose petals.

The truth is the opposite: The road to the penthouse runs right through the dump.

Doing big things with your life requires you to do things most people would never do—and that’s what keeps most from being great. I don’t mean bad things, such as cheating or hurting others. I mean the grunt work—the stuff we just don’t want to do because it’s hard or boring or thankless.

Many of those that find their way have had a stormy trip through the grunt work, facing frustration, setbacks, and obstacles.

People are often shocked to find out how hard winners work. But for every great performance of any kind, for any great achievement, you will find behind the curtain not hundreds but thousands of hours of painstaking, grinding and certainly not glamorous work. That’s what you don’t see on TV.

Greatness is possible for almost everyone.

But there’s a catch: it requires the grunt work most would rather avoid. That’s fantastic news for those who are willing to pay the price. So let me ask, Are you going to be satisfied just reading about others who make their life count in a major way or are you ready to do what it takes to join them?

Grunt work doesn’t scare winners. Living a grunt life does.

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