In the mid-1970s, Larry Weidel was just a few years out of college when he was promoted to a supervisor position for a top real estate construction company in Atlanta, GA. When the oil embargo and economic turmoil hit the company hard, Larry found himself without a job. He was forced to accept unemployment checks and food stamps in order to feed his young family. Refusing to settle for any available job and determined to find a more stable industry, he decided to tough it out until he found the right opportunity. In 1975, he found it—a chance to help build A.L. Williams, now Primerica, an award-winning financial services company which has grown across North America.

During his decades with Primerica, Larry has learned the fundamentals of winning from mentors like Yankees baseball legend Robert “Bullet Bob” Turley and Art Williams, the founder of the company. He has built a team that consistently outperforms. Over the years, his sales and management team members have achieved and surpassed their career and financial goals, and hundreds have become financially independent.

Larry is the bestselling author of Serial Winner: 5 Actions to Create Your Cycle of Success (Greenleaf, October 2015). He holds weekly coaching calls for more than a thousand leaders across the United States and Canada. His videos on career success, leadership, sales, recruiting, and training are widely popular inside and outside the company. Through this website, he shares articles and other resources to help people overcome the obstacles preventing them from winning in any area of life.

Larry is a proud graduate of Georgia Tech, and has been able to follow the advice of his cousin H. Edward Roberts (the inventor of the first commercially available desktop computer) to “stay fresh and motivated by following his natural curiosity.” He plays guitar, banjo, and the drums; is an avid skier, golfer, and hunter; and is a semi-professional photographer (

He splits his time between Palm Beach, Florida, and Aspen, Colorado.

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