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Big Hitter

Big Hitter Call

The Big Hitter Call is a weekly, national conference call available to all Primerica reps.

For login information or more information about the call, please send us a message and include your solution number.



Pre-Call Recruiting Tips with Josh Clark & BHC with Brad Girard

Pre-call Recruiting Tips with Alvaro Allreno & Andres George & BHC Q &A with Bill Orender

Pre-Call Recruiting Tips with Chris Ramabaran & BHC with Frank Dillon

Pre-Recruiting Tips with Izabella Ordones & BHC with Bobby Gocool

Pre-Call Recruiting Tips with April Taylor & BHC with Jon Lavin

Pre-Call Recruiting Tips with Andres & Alvaro Arellano & BHC with A.L. Williams Legends from Unicoi

Pre-Call Recruiting Tips with Luis & Leslie Leyva & BHC with Jaime Gomez

Pre-Call Recruiting Tips with Jaquera Martin & BHC with Tyann & Prince Cookley

Pre-Call Recruiting Tips with Rafael Alvarez & BHC with Jorge Finol

Pre-Call Recruiting Tips with Jonathan Moreira & BHC with Danny Chamorro

Pre-Call Recruiting Tips with Griselda Siller & BHC with Josh Sandigo

Pre-call Recuiting Tips with Abbie Shofner & BHC with Andy Onstead


The Big Hitter Call is a weekly conference call featuring the company’s top leaders. Learn how they made it to the top and stay at the top as they talk about recruiting, field training, leadership and everything in between.

Tune In Live
Every Monday at 9am ET (except for major holidays)
Call: 667-771-7906
No PIN/Access Code

24/7 Replay Line
Replays are available for 1 week following each call.
Call: 667-771-7907
PIN: 982755#

MP3 downloads are available at the top of this page the day after each call.

Success coach, Larry Weidel, being interviewed behind the scenes with lights.
Headphones with microphone and computer.
Headphones with microphone and computer.