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We all know people who seem to move from success to success, with barely a pause or dip in between. They’re always excited about the next big project or goal. When trouble comes, they land on their feet. They are role models and opinion makers who lead rewarding lives. In a world full of people who almost win, these are the few who do it repeatedly and consistently.

Larry Weidel has benefitted tremendously from the mentorship of some of these serial winners. Applying and adapting their lessons allowed him to achieve extraordinary success and help others do the same. In Serial Winner, he distills the five basic actions of the Cycle of Winning to help you

  • Move forward when you feel stuck.
  • Crush early doubts and give yourself the best shot of succeeding.
  • Overcome obstacles to win anyway.
  • Maintain your mental toughness until you cross the finish line.
  • Avoid the winner’s trap and use the momentum of each win to achieve the next.

Through inspiring and funny stories and no-nonsense advice, Larry exposes the myths and facts about success and shares essential insights into achieving whatever you want in life. Whether you’re just starting a venture or looking to get out of a longstanding rut, Serial Winner shows you the steps for creating a regular pattern of success!

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"Rather than chalk [winning] up to luck, Larry Weidel … breaks it down into five steps that anyone can take to create their own repeat success. … The book is targeted to success in all areas of life, but I found it particularly relevant to career success."

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, cofounder of SixFigureStart, in Forbes

“Larry Weidel is a leader with the ability to be both personally successful and reproduce that success in others. It is a rare skill; very few people can do both. In Serial Winner, Larry shares his unique vision and pairs it with the actions you need to  take to win over and over again in business and in life.”

Glenn Williams, CEO, Primerica

“For over a decade, Larry has been an invaluable mentor who has pushed me to achieve repeated success. Serial Winner captures Larry’s key teachings and presents the ideas in terms that anyone can understand and apply to all endeavors. All you need to succeed are the desire to be your best and Larry’s five actions!”

John Clendenin, Ski Hall of Fame Member and Founder of the Clendenin Method

“Larry Weidel has proven to be wise and resourceful in his approach to success. Serial Winner is an eye-opening tool for anyone needing guidance and motivation for next-level thinking. If you like winning as much as I do, this is for you.”

Lee Haney, 8-time Mr. Olympia, past Chairman of the President's Council on Fitness

Serial Winner will teach you to cultivate habits that will help you build a winner’s attitude. Each chapter is full of tips and anecdotes that will inspire you to be more committed to your goals and embrace the perseverance to reach them.”

Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship

“Larry Weidel’s experiences in business have resulted in a play book of tips and tricks as he characterizes and defines the common traits of the Serial Winner … This book challenges us to discover that the win is always within each of us, waiting to be mastered!”

Bert R. Mandelbaum, MD, author of The Win Within

“As an accomplished business leader, Larry Weidel’s advice comes directly from the battlefield. Weidel knows that success doesn’t happen overnight and sets the record straight: winning takes hard work, commitment, and conscious choice. Serial Winner is a page turner that brings a rare dimension of thought to the debate about what it takes to become successful.”

Bill Orender, Senior National Sales Director, Primerica

“In his upcoming book, Serial Winner: 5 Actions to Create Your Cycle of Success, Larry Weidel refines strategy from winners of all walks of life into five powerful tactics. … Set yourself on a track to success with this new book.”

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Chapter 1

Don’t Hesitate, Decide

Chapter 2

Don’t Just Do It, Overdo It

Chapter 3

Don’t Quit, Adjust

Chapter 4

Don’t Just Start, Finish

Chapter 5

Don’t Settle, Keep Improving

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