Knowing The Best Business Moves

LW: Today we’re speaking with marketing guru Vignesh Kumar about knowing how to be successful and who comes to mind when he thinks about success. Who would that be for you, Vignesh? Vignesh: For me, one of the biggest and most successful people that I personally admire is Bill Gates. He’s been super successful for… Read more »

Doing The Work and Doing Your Due Diligence

with Business Mogul Galen Bright

Larry Weidel: I am with successful entrepreneur Galen Bright who is doing the right thing and doing his due diligence. Galen is a young guy who knows how to work hard, who weathered the storm, who figured things out, and found how to keep the initiative going because he had to have the diligence and marketing initiatives with… Read more »

Going Beyond Pretty Pictures and Building a Profitable Business part 2

with Matt Gore

Larry Weidel: I am with social media expert Matt Gore. Matt can you share some insights with us today how to use social media platforms wisely? What do you think about Zoom? Matt Gore: Yeah sure. If you’re not communicating with your clients right now, you’re going to get beat. That’s sort of my firm hard, fast belief right now… Read more »

One Idea Can Change Your Life

with Casey Diaz

Larry Weidel: I am with best-selling author Casey Diaz who will be speaking about his life and recovery from being raised deep into the gang life.  When you become the big celebrity and you go to the big event or have the big success, when you come back, having the right kind of staff around you… Read more »

Knowing When To Take A Risk

with Lee Keating

Larry: I am with the famous Aspen Performance Ski shop owner Lee Keating, and she is going to share her stories on knowing when to take a risk and how that has gotten her business to be the most successful ski shop in Aspen.  Lee, can you share what was the biggest gamble that you and your husband took? LK:… Read more »

Building A Profitable Business

with Matt Gore

Larry Weidel: I’m with Matt Gore, who has had the privilege of dealing with so many different kinds businesses and is the president and founder of his own business, Nightglass Media Productions! When most of us think of a company, we think of the actual facility or the store. When you deal with companies, you’re dealing… Read more »

How Hard Work and Your Instincts Create Success

with Lee Keating

LW: Today we’re with ski shop owner Lee Keating to discuss working hard to succeed! Let’s talk about Aspen—It is a very down to earth place. You could never tell who lives in these mansions on the Hill, the million dollar homes, and where they get their clothing, it’s Lee.  They go to Lee Keating… Read more »

Overdoing Makes Winners

with Marketing Expert Vignesh Kumar

The following is a conversation between Larry and Vignesh Kumar from episode #11 of the MDM podcast. LW: We’re with Vignesh Kumar today and we’re going to be talking about how to develop business techniques that will help you succeed.  People come to you and they’ve been successful, they’ve got some revenues, but they’re stalled out… Read more »

Knowing How To Build A Business That Will Last Decades

With Top Mexican Artist Gilda Garza

The following is a conversation between Larry and Gilda Garza from episode #125 of the MDM podcast. LW: I am with one of the stars of Instagram—people just know and love her brand.  She owns a gallery, Reine Gallery, which is queen in French. She chose that name because some of her frequent subjects are… Read more »