As long as you live, you will face challenges.

When it comes to being on your own and supporting yourself it makes a lot of sense to go with your strengths.

  • What are you best at?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What fascinates you?
  • What do you have the most experience doing?

To create a good income to provide for yourself and your family you are more likely to success if you are doing things you can dovery well.

The way to becoming great at anything relates to having a lot of experience. It’s hard to get enough of that kind of experience if you don’t believe in what you’re doing. Everyone has different interests and talents. Some we are born with, some are developed along the way.

Your strengths may be in academics, music, art or sports or business. You may may be more technically oriented or you may be more people oriented. You may like dealing with the public or you may prefer being in the background.

It may be that you have never even thought about you having any particular strengths—but you do.

It may just be that you have a stronger interest in something than most people do and you haven’t had the opportunity to pursue it yet. The best way to find your likely area of strengths is by pursuing the things you are curious about and that fascinate you.  If something fascinates you or you are drawn to it, there’s a reason and you need to find out how important that interest is—casual or serious.

No matter what occupation you choose there will be income involved. But the big key for you is do you enjoy it? That will be the key to how well you’ll do.

Do you get personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from doing it? Is it important to you? When you enjoy things, you put more energy into them, and wind up becoming more and more valuable, usually resulting in advancement and greater income opportunities.

When you don’t enjoy it you wind up just going through the motions and doing the minimum—and never really improving.

We enjoy things we are good at and we get good at the things we enjoy. My boys loved video games growing up, played them every chance they got and became very, very good. I had little interest in them, could never get the hang of them, as a result never liked them and never became any good at them. That’s pretty much how things turn out in life in everything.

To be great, focus on your strengths. So it just makes sense. Want to really enjoy what you do with your life? Want to have the best chance to do well financially?

Then find the areas of your strength and the best possible spot for you to use your strengths to benefit yourself and to benefit others.


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