Put Your Strengths to Work

Nobody has time to fix all their weaknesses. Focus on your strengths!

Demands never end.

There is never going to be an end to the demands in our time. Getting one thing done usually is followed behind by a dozen more jumping in line. Every now and then we catch up and have a chance to breathe—until we realize there are more things we would like to do. The hectic pace of life leaves us all feeling like we want to be more productive.

So, how do we do it?

Put your talents to work and don’t get sidetracked. We are most productive and make the biggest improvements when we are leveraging our strengths.

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We all have plenty of weaknesses and none of us have enough time, ability, or energy to fix them all. The key is to use your strengths, so that you can actually accomplish something worthwhile.

Your Strengths Make You Special

You will not accomplish much if ignore the things you have a knack for and/or have an interest in. It would be like going through life with your arms tied behind your back. Don’t leave your talents on the back burner or out to dry. No one has time to fix all of their weaknesses, so focus on using your unique talents!

If you’re not sure where your strengths lie, follow your instincts and natural curiosity. They will lead your there.

These talents are your gift. They were given to you for a purpose. Using them lets you find out why and what is possible in your life. You are a unique person. There’s never been another person on the earth exactly like you, with your exact mix of talents, strengths, and experiences. Put them to work for you.

Everyone has strengths. Yours are special. Use them and see where they lead you. It will be a place you like.

Comment below and tell us your interests/talents and how you use your strengths to the best of your ability!

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